Are you working with clients but feel like you don’t have the key that allows them to make lasting changes?

Are you working
with clients but
feel like you
don’t have the key
that allows them to make lasting changes?

See if you can relate…

You’ve got the certifications, read the nutrition books, got the protocols, and you show up to each consultation with the best intentions to help your clients heal and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

And most likely you went through a whole heap of health challenges yourself so you know first hand that changing your health can be hard but so rewarding.

With this internal passion and wisdom, you show up to your client sessions ready to go and give your best suggestions, health protocols and solutions!

Yet somewhere along the way the client buy-in that you thought you had at the beginning shifts to reasons why they can’t follow the suggestions.

You end up hearing things like…

I couldn’t start making these meals at dinner because my family won’t eat this way and I don’t want to make two meals.

Eating all of these healthy foods is too expensive.

I’m too exhausted to cook.

Or your client makes a few changes but then quickly slips back into old patterns.

Sound familiar?

At this point you might have fear and confusion about why your suggestions aren’t being implemented…

And you may even start to worry that what you’re offering isn’t enough to help them.

Here’s what you need to know.

When your clients either can’t make a change or they slip back into a way of living that made them sick to begin with.

They are dealing with unresolved trauma.

Trauma is the hidden force that dictates their health.

You can’t see it.

And your clients often have no awareness that it’s there and can’t articulate it.

But whenever you have a client who can’t make changes that last, it’s the unhealed trauma that is your client’s inability to change.

Here’s what’s really going on …

The energy of their past is keeping them in a “dysregulated” state.

What that means is that their body’s nervous system is dealing with the energy of a trauma from the past which has never been fully processed and keeps your client filled with feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and fear.

Those feelings that never got a chance to heal, stay in their body and then create thoughts and behaviors that are consistent with someone facing a “threat” – even though it’s life as usual.

And now, no matter how much they want to change their behavior … their biology has been wired to keep them stuck where they are at.

This makes it virtually impossible for your clients to make healthy choices and sustain lasting behavior change.

But there is a different way!

When you are trauma-informed and know how to help your client navigate the underlying trauma that’s keeping them stuck everything will change for them.

Mandy Harvey in Jacket

And that’s where I come in…

I’m Mandy Harvey, a Trauma Healing Guide for coaches.

I teach health and wellness coaches like you, how to understand the relationship between unresolved trauma, chronic health issues, and your clients’ ability to make lasting changes.

I know this first hand because I started out as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. As I was working with clients I’d instruct them to make changes and they simply couldn’t do it because their bodies were holding the energy of unresolved trauma that was keeping them stuck in old beliefs and patterns.

I knew I was missing something when again and again I would encounter client resistance to change. This repeated experience is what led me to become an expert in the field of Somatic Experiencing – a modality of trauma healing.

And now I’m here to help you become trauma-informed and learn the somatic skills that can support you in moving your clients through any block.

My super power is showing you how to bridge the gap between your nutrition education and your clients’ resistance to change. Knowing how to identify, hold space for, and navigate your clients’ trauma response is the KEY that helps you unlock the doors to your clients’ best self!

Mandy Harvey in Jacket

Here’s what I’m going to show you how to do…

Gain an in-depth understanding of how trauma manifests in your clients.

Learn to spot crucial cues from your client that lets you know right up front that they have stored trauma.

Become fully fluent in how to navigate your clients’ trauma without re-traumatizing them.

Learn how your client’s nervous system works and how to navigate them into a balanced and composed state.

Become an expert guide who knows how to create a safe space where your clients can heal and thrive.

I’ve created a few tools to help you become a coach who has the vital trauma-informed expertise so you can help your clients move through any block.

Mandy Harvey - Heal From Any Trauma

Heal Your Past to Create Your Dream Life & Biz

The unique process to turn inward, heal trauma, and create the life and business you desire!

Mandy Harvey - Get Started Decoding Fatigue

Get Started Decoding Your Fatigue

The interactive process that helps you discover what’s stealing your energy and a process to fix it!

Mandy Harvey - Anchored in Success

Anchored In Success

Reprogram your nervous system and activate your ability to overcome anxiety, lack, chronic health issues, inflammation & old emotional patterns